Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Final Entry

Hi, its me Apple again! I'm back for my final blog post. I love my fur-ever home! I have the best fur-ever parents a girl could ask for and a FUN fur brother. His named is Thunder. He is a show bred English pointer. We are having a great time together. We have gone to the dog park together and run all over the house. I am so happy IBR helped me find my fur-ever home. Check out the site! There are more puppies and dogs that need foster home and fur-ever homes! Thank you for following my journey to my home. I hear Thunder barking, time for me to go play, remember visit: Pointer Kisses, Apple Cinnamon

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hi, its me again, Apple. I have exciting news! I've been adopted! I am now in my fur-ever home. Check back soon. I'll have pictures of me with my new family and my new brother. I'm so busy playing with him and settling in I haven't had a chance to stop for a picture. Pointer Smiles, Apple Cinnamon

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun Day!

Hi again! I had such a fun day today. I got to meet some very nice people today and another dog. I am very polite when I go to other houses and very good with dogs I don't know. I played so much I wore myself out! I slept most of the way home and as soon as I got home I went straight to my crate after going outside. The other dogs here wanted me to play, but when I went to my crate they played and I just watched until I fell asleep. Thank you for visiting. Happy dreams, Apple

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Passed!!

I passed my test! I am cat friendly and bird friendly too. I saw two cats yesterday, I looked, sniffed, and walked away. Also I saw a large bird and ignored him too. My foster mom said I'll be a great pet, just not a hunting companion. I always thought bird dog sounded funny, I like playing with dogs, not birds. So that is my brief update, my foster mom just wanted me to let you know I'm cat friendly, was there ever really any doubt? Wags, Apple

Sunday, January 07, 2007

More News...

Hi again! I have really made myself at home here, I am a very good house dog. I've learned all the routines here. I'm not taking my foster moms laundry to much anymore. She gave me a new towel to carry, so I take that with me as you can see in my picture. What a day I had! Fun, scary, and tough! My foster mom took me for a walk on a leash again. I'm getting better, but it will take a little bit of work. Then came the scary part of the day. Across the street from my foster moms house is a big open farmers field. We saw some dogs running in the field with hunters. I heard a very LOUD scary noise, I tried to run back home as fast as I could. Then another LOUD scary noise, I jumped onto my foster mom. She got me home and I ran right to my crate and shook. My foster mom said I am gun-shy, whatever that means I don't know, but loud noise scare me! Yesterday my foster mom had a toy, she called it a pheasant dummy, it smelled good, like a bird, but I lost interest in it. I'd rather play with another dog outside and toys inside. Today I was a big tough dog too! I was barking and protecting my foster mom in the backyard. And inside the house I was protecting Natalie, she lives here, she is a person, not a furkid. (You can see her picture on my blog. She loves me too, I get a lot of hugs and kisses from her) I jumped on her bed and looked out the window. I saw a BIG (German Shepard) dog walk past. I must have scared him because he kept on walking past. So that was my day, most if it was fun and playing with the other dogs. Oh and I almost forgot, I got to meet more kids today. They were nice they liked me. Dylan who lives here, he is a 9 yr old boy, not a fur kid had some friends over. I have only been around kids 9 and older, I like them, I like when they pet me and give me treats. Check back soon, I'm always up to something...Wags, Apple

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Thank you for coming to visit again. I have so much to tell! That is me with Fala, she was adopted from IBR. That picture was taken as we were waiting to get our treats. Now I sit and wait for a treat, but sometimes my foster mom has to remind me to sit, but I do it right away when she asks. It has been busy here with visitors too. I did very well with them, I was very polite and friendly. One lady let me take a short nap in her lap, but I also understood when I was told no, and a guest did not want me in their lap. I sat and then they pet me. My foster mom told many of the visitors how smart I am. I showed them that I can, sit and come. A few tried to hold my paw, I'm not sure what that is all about, but I got a treat for it. So I am starting to wonder if I give it to them, do you think I'll get a treat? Hmmm...I'll get back to you on that one. I love my new toy I got for Christmas, I can occupy myself for awhile with a good toy, but I have so much energy I love playing with the other dogs here. I do take a few naps during the day, not many, but when I do I really like sleeping next to another dog. Socrates is my best friend here, so I'll need a house that has another young dog that can be my new best friend. Everytime I've gone to the dr. I've seen cats, I just ignore them. Also, I'm putting on weight, everyone here is happy about that. It must be all the good food they are giving me. I love it! I am slow when it comes to eating. I'm usually the last to finish. So as much as I love the food, I don't try to take it from anyone else and I wait my turn to get my bowl. And I'll tell you this IBR family is a fun family to belong to, I'm so lucky, why don't you come join it to? Thank you for coming to see my blog again. Check back soon...Apple

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After Christmas Update

Its me, Apple again. That is me on the left and Peaches on the right. I didn't really want to sit still for the picture though. I know these updates will help me find my perfect fur-ever home. What a fun Christmas!!! My foster mom put two presents under the tree for me, a toy and duck and potato treats. Those were so good. I can't wait to get another one. Today I went for a short walk, I did very well on a leash, but I am so friendly I want to stop and let everyone pet me. A group of kids came to pet me and I didn't want them to stop. I love kids! I also found out I love plain yogurt in my food and canned Natural Blance food. I am finally putting some weight on and now my fur is very soft. Also today I decided to rearrange all of my foster moms laundry. I didn't tear or bite any of it, but I really liked carrying it in my mouth, like many pointers do. My foster mom didn't get angry, she hid the laundry, but gave me a small towel to carry around. As much fun as I am having here and as much as I love my foster family, I'd love to get a fur-ever family in the new year. I am a young, full of energy, happy and lovable little pointer, do you have a home I can call my own?